Great chapters have great websites.

Let's remove that last little bit of doubt.

Getting Started

What exactly do you do again?

We make it easy for you to create and maintain an online prescene and provide you with tools to effectively manage your chapter (read: we build you a really baller website).

Is it expensive?

Not at all. We were greeks in college and we know how tough budgets can be to keep down. We actually aim to make our websites make you money, not be an expense, by helping you power your donations. And If you really can't pay for it, we help you setup a donations page so that you eventually can (for free, of course!).

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Getting your site

How does the design process work?

  1. ConnectedGreek will ask you to fill out a questionnaire, which will ask you for a number of pictures, names and etc.
  2. We draft a picture of what the site will look like. If you like it, we use some magic and make it into a website. If you don't we make some changes on the basic design, and show you again. If you hate it, we start over.
  3. Once the design is done, we go though and put in the most information we can. We don't just leave it a blank template with no content. When it's ready, we give you access and show you around.

What if we don't like our design?

We start over and try again! We won't stop until you are satisfied with the end result.

Can we change the design later?

Yes. After the initial design is done, and set up fees are paid, your chapter will have an additional 4 hours of redesign free. After that, the price is $50.00/hour not to exceed $200.00.

How long will the process take?

The design can take as little as 2 days and as long as 2 months depending on what changes you want. Usually, our clients only want small changes and it takes less than 3 business days. After you approve the design, it will be ready in less the a week (depending on any custom tools).

Do we get a custom domain name?

Every ConnectedGreek website package comes with a free custom domain name (e.g.

We already have a domain name. Can we use it?

If you own your own domain name already, you have two options.

  1. Transfer the domain name to us, and we'll handle the rest! If you decide to part ways, we will transfer the domain name back to your own personal account.
  2. You can keep the domain name in your own personal account and we will tell you how to point to our servers.

If you decide to transfer the domain to us, we will handle the fees associated with renewing the domain for the time period you are with us.

We already have a site. Can we use the same design?

If you own the rights your design, we can take mimick the graphics and give you a lower set up fee. Unfortunately, if you don't own the website we won't be able to reuse the design. :(

Do we have to host our website with you?

We will work with you if this is a problem, but the setup fee will generally be much higher and there might be a significant loss in functionality Our servers our secure and robust, so you never have to worry about a loss of information. And since we keep adding tools to our technology, the product gets better and better over time. If we try to use your server, you will lose all of that.

We want our website to do x. Can you make this happen?

Yes! We will build any "reasonable" custom tool into your website build! This can range from specialized event pages, recruitment videos... anything that could make your experience better. If you are on our "Platinum" plan this service comes included in your monthly management fee.

What happens when I graduate?

We're still here and so is your website. Just have the next person in charge send us their email!

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Updating your website

Do I need to be a designer / programmer to update my site?

Not at all! Our in browser editor allows you to change the look and content of your site with a graphical interface that is easy to use. You don't need to know any computer languages or or have any special skills.

How do I make updates?

Once you log in, you'll see an 'edit' button. From there, just point and click!

Do I need any software installed?

The only thing you need is a web browser and an internet connection.

What if I get confused and don't know what to do?

If you ever run into any issues, just email your account manager and they will guide you through the process. Account managers are available by email and by phone.

Can I add photos?

Yes! Use our in browser uploader and upload multiple photos at once. Chapters on our "Fratastic" or "Platinum" plans can also import photos from Facebook!

How man photos can I add?

As many as can fit in the alloted storage space for your plan. Check our pricing page for more information.

What if the photos are too big?

As long as you can send them over the internet, we can get them. They are automatically resized so that they don't take forever to download once they are on your site, so you don't need to edit them before you upload them.

How do we connect Facebook?

Chapters on our "Fratastic" or "Platinum" plans can link information from chapter member's Facebook profiles. This can include status updates, photos and other profile information. Each member will have to log in and authorize your website to connect to Facebook. Fortunately, ConnectedGreek has made this process very simple once you log in!

We suggest you get as many members to connect Facebook as possible, as it very easily keeps your website fresh with whats going on.

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Member Management

How man members can I have?

Chapters in our "Basic Essentials" plan can have up to 50 active member profiles, including alumni. Chapters on our "Fratastic" or "Platinum" plans are allowed an unlimited amount of members.

Do they get profiles?

If you want them to have profiles, they can have a profile. If you don't, they won't. That's the beauty of our websites. They are 100% custom to you.

My school requires I hide members during recruitment. Can I hide certain members from the website?

Since some schools have rush restrictions when certain members have to be hidden, we've made it easy to take them on and off your website. Any tagged photos of them will either be removed or have their face blocked. Once recruitment is over, you can easily remove them from the blocked list!

What are groups?

You can arrange your members into different groups for organizational purposes. Each group has different access levels to the system, ranging from editing the website to just announcement level.

Do alumni get a website?

If your chapter is on our "Platinum" plan, a separate website will be created for your alumni. They will have access to only the information you decide, while still being able to use a similar system to keep them in contact. They will also easily be able to donate to your chapter.

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Email and Newsletters

I'd like to setup email addresses, can you help?

Absolutely. We will setup your domain to use Google Apps with as many email addresses as you need. If we aren't in control of your domain name (related), we will either need access to your account or will have to provide instructions on how to setup your domain nameservers.

Why do you use Google Apps?

Google makes the best email application there is! Instead of reinventing the wheel, we'd rather provide our clients with what we use ourselves!

Can we send out newsletters to our alumni?

We try to make it as easy as possible to keep your Alumni involved and donating. Newsletters are a great way to do that. Included in each plan are Newsletter blasts to your alumni.

How do we make newsletters?

We try to make it as easy as possible to keep your Alumni involved and donating. Newsletters are a great way to do that. Included in each plan are Newsletter blasts to your alumni.

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Pricing & Payments


Ok, ok! Just contact us here and we'll handle the rest!

How can we pay?

Check, Cash, CreditCard, PayPal, or alumni donations.

We love ConnectedGreek, but we have $0 dollars in out budget for a website. What can we do?

We will help you get the money. If you pay by alumni donations, your site won't go live until you've reached the setup fee in donations. You'll then have 6 months to get the first 6 months of monthly fees, and then 6 more months to get the next set of monthly fees. If you ever dip below those donations, you will be asked to front the money. If you cannot, we have to pause your site and put up a donation page. Once you reach the postive, we can put the site back up.

What are the payment structures?

If you want to pay monthly, semesterly, or annually you can. If you want to pay annually we have a % discount.

Can you help us fundraise?

We can help with any fundraising you might do. Please contact us for some ideas.

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